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Help an Abandoned Dog or Donkey!

Live to Love

Help an Abandoned Dog or Donkey!

Please help to save an abandoned dog or donkey from La Palma, Canary Islands!



We urgently need families to adopt one or more of the many dogs recently rescued on La Palma Island. Many tourists help on their way home mainly to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux by accompanying a dog on their flights and in the destination airport you can pick up your newly adopted dog. But in most cases some of our helpers from cooperating animal rescue organizations take over the dog into an intermediate place until an adoption is finally found.

There is hardly a chance to find adopting families on the Canary Islands. Animals are treated like goods, they serve as presents for children and when they cause some problems they are just abandoned on the streets. We are very happy that in European countries further north the chances are much better, specially in Germany. We have already sent a big number of rescued dogs to Germany and we keep the contact to their adopters by telephone, email and get so much positive feedback with photos, videos etc.

The situation is very critical for so many dogs on our island right now as a local man in El Paso who has been collecting all kind of dogs got seriously ill. Local people have deposited their no more wanted dogs just there and he held them all together in a dirty fenced area. All his over 120 dogs have to find a new place now. These dogs were really abused, hardly fed, left there for uncontrolled breeding and in the end they even killed each other. The owner used to sell the surviving puppies as good as possible to make a living, even selling dogs to people abusing the them for illegal dog fights in the mountains. So in a way it is good that this cruel place is going to be dissolved by the local government. On the other hand we do not have an official dog shelter on La Palma Island. So it is up to volunteer private persons or cooperating small organizations to temporarily adopt some dogs until a new home can be found. We have been organizing this and now there are no more private places for provisionally caring for some dogs and still about 50 dogs remain in their prior unsupportable fenced area, unsheltered in the heat. Feeding and water is provided but the living conditions for these remaining dogs is unbearable and unacceptable.

So we need your help either in adopting a dog to free some of these occupied pension places or in helping us financially so we can support and motivate more people to take care of some more dogs temporarily. In our private place right now we take care of about 30 dogs. It is incredible how thankful all the dogs are that we could take out from there. We really feel that we can save many lives and the poor dogs really award it with their love and affection.

When we take dogs out from there they are in a really bad shape. Nearly all have wounds, worms, flees and some have severe sicknesses like Filaria, Parvo virosis among others. We take them to a veterinarian so they get a health check, medicine, vaccinations, ID chips and will be castrated or sterilized as soon as possible. This is a costly and time consuming process while the dogs get cured and prepared to be in shape and ready for a new adopting family. Many of them won´t make it so we take them into our animal shelter where they can stay with an open end.


donkeys crying for help

Donkeys have traditionally been used as working animals in the agriculture on the Canary Islands. But nowadays they are not needed any more and you hardly see them around. To save donkeys from being killed or getting starved we have saved and cared for many donkeys so far since 18 years and we are keeping them on a large, 30 ha. fenced area. Many have died naturally by age. Right now we have 4 donkeys and 1 horse on our land and 7 donkeys on a friend´s land nearby.

So you can help in many ways:

  1. Adopt a dog into your family!
  2. If you are a resident on La Palma: Take a dog in pension and care for him or her temporarily until an adopter is found!
  3. If you are a tourist on La Palma: Accompany a dog on your flight home (they cannot be transported without an accompanying passenger). There are no costs or risks for you!
  4. Help us with donations either:
    1. One time donation for food, vet, medicines etc.
    2. monthly or yearly fixed donations,
    3. sponsor a specific animal which could not be adopted and is now in our steady groups of dogs or donkeys.
    • small dog:     20.- € per month
    • medium dog: 35.- € per month
    • big dog:       50.- € per month
    • donkey: 100,- € per month

We will issue donation receipts valid for reducing your tax payments for all donations above 10.- €. The Spanish Tax Authority has approved our NGO status officially for fiscal advantages defined in the law 49/2002.

To find your individual way how to help please contact us via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone: +34-922695088.

Thank you very much for your help and generosity.

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