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3rd Eye Camp - Live to Love

Live to Love Presents: The 3rd Eye Camp

March 2012 at Druk Pema Karpo Clinic / Amitabha Mountain, Nepal

A Nepali grandmother moved to tears at her first sight of sky in 20 years.

The 1st Eye Camp at Druk Pema Karpo Clinic


The Eye Camp
Now fundraising for the most ambitious Live to Live Eye Camp yet. Specialized doctors will perform cataracts surgery free of charge to patients in need from around Nepal. Villagers travel days to arrive at the clinic for these services, often with torn clothing and no shoes on their feet. For many, this surgery is the difference between working and caring for children, or becoming destitute.

Act Now
Be a part of the action. Each eye surgery costs only US$150 –including food, housing, and care for the recovery period. With over 400 patients in critical need, our goal is to raise US$60,000 for all of them. Every single eye surgery will save a life from darkness.

Donate, and be someone’s light:

$150         (1 Eye Surgery)         –  Candle Sponsor
$300         (2 Eye Surgeries)      –  Lamp Sponsor
$1,200      (8 Eye Surgeries)      –  Torch Sponsor
$5,000      (33 Eye Surgeries)    –  Beacon Sponsor
$30,000    (An Entire Eye Camp Section of 200 people)  –  Sun Sponsor

we will issue a tax deductible donation receipt for donations through our foundation (use paypal link or bank account on the front page)

Thanks for your support!



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