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Drukpa Ecological Activities in the Himalayas

Drukpa's initiative to save the environment in Ladakh

PRLog (Press Release) July 19, 2010

In order to maintain the ecological balance, the Drukpa lineage, one of the widely followed buddhist lineages in Ladakh had taken up this green initiative to plant over 10.000 trees along the banks of River Indus in Leh.

In appreciation of the herculean task completed under the leadership of His Holiness, the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa Lineage, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has granted 10.000 acres of land for further plantation of trees to Drukpa.

Incidentally, Drukpa's efforts to conserve the environment dates back to early 2009 when under the leadership of His Holiness, Gyalwang Drukpa, head of the Drukpa Lineage and over 700 monks collected plastic bottles along the 400km pad yatra from Manali to Leh to save Himalayas from getting polluted.

About the Drukpa Lineage:

The Drukpa Lineage follows the Mahayana Buddhist tradition in philosophy, i.e., the philosophy of "getting enlightened for the benefit of others" and the methods are based on the Tantrayana teachings passed down from the great Indian saint Naropa, who was born in 1016 in a West Bengal royal family. The lineage acquired the name Drukpa in the twelfth century when, assuming the human form, Avalokiteshvara - the Great Lord of Universal Compassion - manifested in Tibet as the outstanding disciple of Mahasiddha Lingchen Repa. This sublime being was called Drogon Tsangpa Gyare, the meaning being: Drogon - the Protector of Beings; Tsang - born in the land of Tsang; Gya - from the noble clan of Chinese (Gya) origin; Re - a cotton-clad yogi. "Druk" in Tibetan means "Dragon" and it also refers to the sound of thunder. In 1206, more than 800 years ago, Tsangpa Gyare Yeshe Dorje saw nine dragons fly up into the sky from the ground of Namdruk, and he named his lineage "Drukpa" or "lineage of the Dragons" after this auspicious event. In this way, Tsangpa Gyare became the founder of the lineage and was known as the First Gyalwang Drukpa. The present Gyalwang Drukpa is the twelfth incarnation of the founder of the Drukpa Lineage.

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