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Enseñanzas del budismo Sakya y meditación con Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen en La Palma 2015

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lama-rinchen-holding-mic-270bLama Rinchen Gyaltsen nos ha visitado de nuevo en La Palma del 19 al 20 de septiembre del 2015 para dar esnseñanzas del budismo Tibetano y prácticas de meditación.

El tema era Loyong, adiestramiento mental, meditación en compasión y sabiduría.

Lama Rinchen es el Lama residente de la fundación Sakya en Pedreguer (sede de S.S. Sakya Trizin en España).

Lugar: Puntagorda, Casa de la Cultura, horas: 10:30-14:00 y 16:30-20:00 h.

Puedan encontrar mas información sobre  Su Santidad Sakya Trizin aquí.

Información sobre Lama Rinchen Gyaltsen (Vajra Master) aquí.

leer mas sobre el evento....   Entrevista de Radio Luz con Lama Rinchen 


About Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria

Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria is a foundation without commercial interests in favor of all sentient beings without discrimination, open to all religions, social or cultural groups

Our seat and principal activities are located in the Canary Island of La Palma, with activities also spreading to the other 6 Canary Islands, the rest of Spain and the rest of the world.

Our goals, values and activities are helping, promoting and realizing:

  • peace, understanding, tolerance and non-violence,
  • help for humans and aninmals in need,
  • protecting nature and environment,
  • promoting and supporting eco-friendly tourism on La Palma Island via Eco Casa La Palma, S.L.
  • education and conscienciation for a healthy and for other beings non destructive way of living with special focus on children,
  • preventing or minimizing climate change,
  • promotion, production and responsible utilization of clean, regenerative energies, e-mobility,
  • spiritual and personal growth and development,
  • organization and realization of information, teachings and retreats,
  • encouraging a helping, loving and compassionate attitude, initiating and guiding "Live to Love" activities.

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We appreciate your help and support very much, either by bank transfer or via PayPal, which saves a lot of banking fees when you reside outside the EU. Please send us an email, indicating what you want your donation to be used for. We strictly separate and distribute funds in these categories:

  1. Disaster relief,
  2. helping poor and sick people in need,
  3. animal help, rescue, feeding, sterilizations or veterinary costs,
  4. adoption and support for a rescued animal on a regular basis,
  5. environmental activities to protect nature.


Bank account holder: Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria,
Bank:  Openbank Madrid, Nr. 0073 0100 58 0498337966

IBAN: ES4800730100580498337966, BIC: OPENESMM

We will issue tax deductable receipts for donations over 10.- €. If you want one, please send an email with the intended use, amount, your name, address and your tax number. This is our NGO certificate from the Spanish tax administration.

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Thank you very much for your generous help!  May your merit benefit many beings!

Impressum / Contact

Mahakaruna, Fundación Canaria

(formerly: Drukpa, Fundación Canaria)

Tax Nr. CIF G38965984, special fiscal status: law 49/2002

registered at Foundation Registry of Canary Islands: 280

Ap.de Correos 35
E-38789 Puntagorda (S/C de Tenerife)
Isla de La Palma (Canarias), Spain

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We have renamed as Mahakaruna

Mahakaruna (Sanskrit) means "Great Compassion", and this new name expresses very well our general motivation to help all living beings, nature and environment. A new website will be available soon at: mahakaruna.eu

Save a Dog or Donkey! - Live to Love

Many abandoned dogs from La Palma in critical state need adoption and urgent help.

Act Now !

You can help saving, curing and feeding one of 120 abandoned dogs now with your donation or adoption.

Or you can sponsor a saved donkey in our sanctuary.

4 of our saved donkeys


Drukpa Fundación Canaria is on Google+


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http://www.la-palma-fincas.com Eco Casa La Palma

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